Comprehensive eye care
Slit lamp examination for complete diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases
Applanation Tonometer - Gold-standard in intraocular pressure measurement
Indirect ophthalmoscopy for complete retina evaluation
Computerized vision testing & Contact Lens clinic
High precision automated refractometer with cyber chart for accurate spectacle power calculation
Pediatric ophthalmology setup
Allen’s Picture Chart; Lea’s symbols; Kay Fixation sticks
Pediatric vision testing
Amblyopia (lazy eye) treatment

Squint Clinic

Sensory evaluation of Binocularity
Prisms for motor evaluation of strabismus
All types of squint surgeries & post surgical care of squint patients
Glaucoma management
Glaucoma (kala motia) – causes permanent damage to eye-sight
Most of the times it is painless and patient is not aware of the disease
Early diagnosis and treatment can control glaucoma
Applanation Tonometer ; Dynamic Gonioscopy; Fundus Biomicroscopy; Automated Perimetry
Glaucoma eyedrops/Laser therapy/ Glaucoma surgery
Retina clinic
Dilated Fundus examination
Retina checkup for Diabetic patients
Ophthalmic Ultrasound (A & B scan)
A-scan – to calculate the exact intra-ocular lens power for cataract surgeries
B- scan – Ultrasound of the eye in cases of injury, dense cataracts
Cataract Surgery
Stitch less microsurgery with imported foldable lens
Phacoemulsification with AMO Compact
Excellent optical system with Carl Zeiss LED microscope
Air-conditioned, well-equipped operation theatre
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